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Always top quality

In early 1980s, founded by Mehmet Ali Çetindağ at the point where Çakmakçılar Hill intersects with Sandalyeciler Street, HANLI Thread Company was one of the leading companies in the sector with its cotton sewing thread brand, HANLI. In 1991, Ali Babur Çetindağ completed the ITU Department of Textile Machinery engineering and started to work at the family company. While the transition to polyester thread according to the different quality expectations at the time, this new quality brand was considered appropriate to go to the market and firstly, STORM, and then SWISSTEX brands, became well known brands in the sewing yarn market in the early 2000.


At the end of 2009, by establishing BABTEX, the Company made a breakthrough in the supply of ready-to-wear clothing by examining the structure of the supply chains at the time and started to its operations for European brands as well as continuing the production of sewing threads.

At the beginning of 2018, the Company under the management of Ali Babur Çetindağ continued to serve in the wide range of supply chain business and sewing thread under the title of BABTEX HANLI Textile Industry and Foreign Trade joint stock company.


Company established one in Germany (Babtex GmbH ) and the other in Spain, Barcelona ( Bab Trends S.L.) to provide better service to its customers with two foreign subsidiaries.


As a result of the elections held in 2018 at ISO, Ali Babur Çetindag has been elected as a member of ISO Professional Yarn Committee and will continue to serve until 2022. As a result of the decision taken by the Committee, Ali Babur Çetindag was also appointed as expert in the yarn sector during this period.

Ali Babur Çetindag served as a judge and expert in textile at ICSNGD, the International Arbitration Court between 2013-2015.


Since 1991 he is a member of the Chamber of Textile Engineers.